Panasonic TV Service mode

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Panasonic TV Service mode

Post by ultrasonicâ„¢ on Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:20 pm


option1 :

vol(-) sa tv set at display button sa remocon.... then function button sa tv set

to exit vol(-) sa tv set at sleep button sa remoconFor Sophia model

option 2:

kng may TPs FA1 & FA2 terminal ay ipgshort mo

A. Momentarily, short FA1 and FA2.
(yellow CHK displayed)

B. At the same time, press MENU and VOL+ on the unit.
(red CHK displayed)

C. Press the power button on the remote to select. Channel up & down to scroll.
Volume minus & Plus to adjust.

D. Press sleep button on the remote and volume minus on the unit at the same time.
(self check appears)

Press any key to exit set-up

Hertz wrote:while the tv is on and operating, momentarily short TP-8 to ground(FA-1 to FA-2 on the A-Board).A yellow on screen "CHK" will appear in the upper right of the screen. (This is the "aging mode.").Press the ACTION button and VOLUME UP button on the front panel at the same time. The yellow "CHK" will turn red. You are now in the service mode. Use the POWER button on the remote control to select one of five service ajustmentsB, sub-adjustments; C, CRT adjustments, D, pincushion adjustments; S factory adjustments only; NORMAL TV, normal operation of channel and volume buttons. The adjustments will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Channel buttons on the remote control let you select the feature, and volume buttons let you change the registe value. To exit service mode, press ACTION and POWER buttons at the same time for about two seconds. The tv will momentarily turn off and come back on tuned to channel 3.

option 3:

Sleep on remote then vol(-) simultaneously

option 4:

para sa mga sophia model
turn on the unit..
press chanel 124 , sleep ,vol - remocon tapoz vol - on tv.

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