MoTank / Plagiarism tank

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MoTank / Plagiarism tank

Post by pyroelectro on Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:19 pm

create your own mobot tanks

prepare all the material needed.
create tread contact surface by cutting aluminum sheet and bore a two hole to allow chain interface

This will be the drive train with the primary sprocket and chain

This is the Bosch wiper motor

Wheels what i will be using to drive the treads. Trolley or ladder wheels

sheetmetal 1.2mm electroplated frame

Left view

Top view


From the isometric render you can see the 2x 7Ah batteries (1 battery for testing stage). Arduino Uno in the middle. 2 Wiper motors. Some dodgy brackets and shafts that still need some refinement. And obviously, those aggressive looking treads.

for operation system you can used H bridge

for controlling system you can used

RC , Infra , Bluetooth , Sensors and so on Wink

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C Battery

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