TCL Chassis NX56LA

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TCL Chassis NX56LA

Post by Hertz on Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:59 pm

1.1. The way to enter P-Mode

a) Method one

A) Switch on the TV set.
B) Press the “MENU” key on RC to show the “PICTURE” OSD menu.
C) Move the cursor to “Contrast” item then press the “9”, “7”, “3”, “5” key
continuously on RC within 3 seconds then enter P-Mode. The “P” letter will
appear on the left low corner of the screen when enter P-Mode. Also the
“FACTORY HOTKEY” will be set to “ON (= 1)”.

b) Another method
Press the “RECALL” key on RC to enter P-mode directly.

1. This will be active only when the “FACTORY HOTKEY” had set to “ON (= 1)”.
2. When the power on with “FACTORY HOTKEY” had set to “ON (= 1)”, the set
will enter the P-Mode automatically.

1.2. Exit the P-Mode
Press the “RECALL” or “MENU” key on RC to exit the P-Mode.

1.3. Keys’ function on RC at the P-Mode
Use the RC to navigate in P-Mode:
Press “0” or “AT” key for screen voltage adjustment.
Press “1” to “8” and “FAV” key to select factory adjustment page.
Press “9” key to switch the I2C bus off/on.
Press “▲▼” or “CH+ CH-”key to select option.
Press “►◄” or “VOL+ VOL-” key to adjust or select option.
Press “DISPLAY” key to display software version.
Press “MENU” key to close the factory menu or return to the previous menu or exit
the P-Mode.
Press “RECALL” key to enter or exit the P-Mode.
Note: All change in P-Mode will be saved in EEPROM automatically.

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