Simple DC Cellphone Charger Circuit

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Simple DC Cellphone Charger Circuit

Post by Digitap on Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:58 am

A simple DC cell phone charger circuit is one of those mates of cell phone that cannot be ignored because a cell phone would be dead without a charger.

Normally a DC cell phone charger circuit come as an integral part of a cell phone package and we use it in conjunction with our AC mains supply.

But what happens if your cell phone gasps for power in the middle of a journey, probably when you are driving or biking away on a middle of a highway?

A very simple yet reasonably effective DC to DC cell phone charger circuit is discussed in this article, which can be easily built at home even by a layman.

Though the proposed charger circuit won't charge your cell phone at the rate equal to a normal AC to DC charger, nevertheless it will complete the function without fail and won't betray you for sure.

The proposed DC cellphone charger circuit can be understood with the following points:

We all know the general specs of a cell phone battery, it's around 3.7 volts and 800 mAH.

It means the cell phone would require at around 4.5 volts for initiating the charging process.

However a Li-Ion battery which is employed inside cell phones are pretty sensitive to bad voltages and may just blow off causing serious life and property issues.

Keeping this in mind the cell phone internal circuitry is specifically dimensioned very strictly.

The parameters just won't permit any voltage which may be even slightly out of the range of the battery specifications.

The use of the versatile IC 7805 in the circuit answers the above issue just perfectly, such that the charging voltage at its output becomes ideally suitable for charging the cell phone battery.

A high wattage resistor connected at the output of the IC makes sure that the current to the cell phone stays well within the specified range, though this might have not been a problem anyway, the cell phone would just refuse to charge if the resistor was not included.

Pictorial Diagram

You can use this DC cellphone charger circuit for charging you cell phone during emergencies when there's no mains AC outlets, the circuit may be powered from any 12 volt lead acid battery or similar DC power source

Parts List

R1 = 5 Ohm, 2 Watt,
C1, C2 = 10uF/ 25V,
D1 = 1N4007,
IC1 = 7805, mounted on a heatsink,
Battery, any 12 volt automobile battery


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Re: Simple DC Cellphone Charger Circuit

Post by alvinquimbo on Sun Aug 07, 2016 10:26 am

salamat sa info nito ma'am..laking tulong to sa iba...pwede rin gawing project sa mga bata...
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