SONY TV ( Chassis FE-1 ) E.board: 1-668-897-27 / 1-668-897-25

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SONY TV ( Chassis FE-1 ) E.board: 1-668-897-27 / 1-668-897-25

Post by Hertz on Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:19 pm


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Chassis FE-1
Eboard - 1-668-897-27 / 1-668-897-25

Main Parts:

Reg - STR6662 / STR6654
PWM - TOP209
System Con - SAA5498PS/203 / SAA5497PS/200 FE1ST V4.51/E
Memory - 24C08 (smd)
Jungle - CXA2060BS
Vertical - STV9379
Sound - TDA7494 / TDA7495 stereo
SAW - K9356M & G3962M
RGB - BF871
HOT - 2SC2055 / 2SD2539
FBT - 8-598-825-00 NX-1747//U , 859880300 (HR8372)
Tuner - BT-AC401 / BTP-AC411 8-598-432-00
IF - TDA9817

SONY Chassis FE-1

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