LG ultra slim ( Chassis CW81C )

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LG ultra slim ( Chassis CW81C )

Post by ultrasonicâ„¢ on Thu Aug 13, 2015 1:06 pm




Chassis CW81C

Reg: STR-W6553A (mono), STR-W6554A (strero)
EEPROM: 20C04/24C16
UOC: LV76213
Sound: LA42101 (10W mono), LA42102L (10W stereo), LA42102N (15W stereo)
RGB: C2330, C3229
Vert: LA78041
HOT: 2SC6090 (ultra), 2SC6093 (flat)
FBT: EBJ34806701 (ultra), 6174V-6006V (Flat)
Tuner: 6700NFSxxx

LG TV (Chassis CW-81C)
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