Panasonic TV ( Chassis MX-7 ) E.Board TNP4G136BC

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Panasonic TV ( Chassis MX-7 ) E.Board TNP4G136BC

Post by ultrasonicâ„¢ on Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:15 pm



Chassis MX-7
Eboard: TNP4G136BC

Reg: STRW6554A / STRW6656L
UOC: TDA9363S096B or VCT 49XF P2 F1 000 (C5AA00000 216 / TVR4G14-9 / V1.008)
EEPROM: 24c16
RGB: TDA6107Q/N2
Vert : AN15525 / LA7840
Sound : LA42031 / AN7522
HOT : 2SC6073 / 2SD2553
FBT : ZTFP12501A / ZTFN32001A
Tuner : ENV59K15G3RF / CN30

Panasonic TV Chassis MX-7 Eboard: TNP4G136BC

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