Samsung TV ( Chassis K52A2 )

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Samsung TV ( Chassis K52A2 )

Post by ultrasonicâ„¢ on Tue Aug 12, 2014 6:44 pm


CT-6335W / CT-6835W
CT-6336W / CT-6836W
TX-C2515 / TX-21715
TX-C2516 / TX-2716
CT-6335WCX / CT-6835WCX
CT-6336WCX / CT-6836WCX

Chassis k52A2

Reg: STR-S6301 (110V) STR-S6309 (220V)
System Con: AM260EMC
Jungle: TA8725AN
Vol Control: upc1406H
Sound: TA8200AH
AV Sw: TC4053BP
RGB: 2SC2058
Vert: LA7838
Hot: 2SD1880
FBT: FCA25A006A / FCA29A014R

Samsung Chassis K52A2

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