Sanyo TV ( Chassis AC5G2 ) Eboard 1AA4B10S0230A

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Sanyo TV ( Chassis AC5G2 ) Eboard 1AA4B10S0230A

Post by ultrasonic™ on Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:08 pm

Sanyo TV

Model: CE29ST8R

Eboard: 1AA4B10S0230A
Chassis AC5G2

Reg: 2SK3102F
System: QXXAVC305P
Jungle: LA76818JM
AV SW: LA7016
RGB: TDA6103Q/N3
Sound Amp: AN17820B
Vert: LA78041
Hot: 2SD1879
FBT: L40B10500
Tuner: F1BEB0(260:270)

images coutesy of sis plong

Sanyo TV Chassis AC5G2

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