Digital Combination Lock using CMOS4017

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Digital Combination Lock using CMOS4017

Post by Digitap on Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:19 pm


A multiple input combination lock using CMOS counter IC's. Flexibility and code change is allowed by changing output connections.



The circuit above above makes use of the CMOS 4017 decade counter IC. Each depression of a switch steps the output through 0 - 9. By coupling the output via an AND gate to the next IC, a predefined code has to be input to create the output. Each PBS switch is debounced by two gates of a CMOS4001 quad 2-input NOR gate. This ensures a clean pulse to the input of each CMOS 4017 counter. Only when the correct number of presses at PBS A will allow PBS B to become active. This is similar for PBS C and PBS D. At IC4, PBS D must be pressed 7 times. Then PBS C is again pressed 7 times, stepping from output 1 to output 8. The AND gate formed around CMOS4081 then goes high, lighting the LED. The Reset switch can be pressed at any time. Power on reset is provided by the 100n capacitor near the reset switch. Below is a picture of one that I made about 5 years ago:


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