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***BASAHIN MUNA BAGO MAG-POST SA AELEXIAN FORUM*** 1. Before posting your question, search the forum first. Your question or comment may have already been discussed, answered, or resolved. 2. ABSOLUTELY No Posting of "Direct Links" or "Clickable Links" to CRACKS, Pirated Software and Copyrighted Materials such as E-books etc. 3. When posting, create a "Relevant Title" for your question or thread. For example: "Ideas on how to use UART?" , "Paano ang pag-paggawa ng PCB", "Saan makabili ng Ferric Chloride", "Urgent: Circuit for Temperature Sensor", "Help: 2N3055 datasheet" 4. ("WE WILL DELETE POST and THREADS with VAGUE TITLES") such as "Help", "Tulong", "Urgent", "Important", "Need suggestion", "Saan ba", "pakitingin naman", "pa solve naman", "kaya mo ba to", "pleassee naman". 5. ("WE WILL DELETE DOUBLE or MULTIPLE POSTS and THREADS AUTOMATICALLY"). Post only on the relevant category and do not post your questions or threads on multiple categories. 6. Be patient. All the participants of this forum, are using the forum and participating in discussions on their own time. 7. Help others. The forum is a community and works best when people share information. 8. Give feedback. If someone helps you by answering your question, try to add a follow-up response letting them know if it worked or not. 9. Welcome newcomers. Do not chastise them for not reading the forum etiquette. Make them feel welcome in the community. 10. Be responsible for what you've posted on the forum. Respect the opinion of each member. Do Not curse anyone, Do Not use harsh words, Do Not Talk about Porn, Do Not Talk about Religion and Politics. By Admin: 1. Bawal ang "THREAD HIJACKING or OUT OF TOPIC" sa mga Technical Boards. Do not post anything that is not related to the main topic of the thread. If you want to chat, dun kayo mag-post sa Chit-Chat section not on the technical thread. 2. Admins/Mods will sometimes change the title of your thread to make it more meaningful.. For example: If you post "any suggestions" we will change it to lets say "suggestions on water level meter" or "suggestions on PIC motion sensor".. By Insight: 1.) Respect each and every member, either the newly registered or old members. *Avoid making insults *Trolling or any insult resulting to a fight, will result to immediate warning banning of members. 2.) Post in English, Filipino (Tagalog) & Tag-lish (Filipino-English) only. Standard languages must be in Tagalog *Always word-out and spell-out your post correctly. *SMS or TEXT posting or messages are not allowed. except na iintindihan pa ng mambabasa. 3.) Use a subject (title) that best describes the content of your post. *Don't use all CAPS or special characters to draw attention. 4.) No spam in the board (the same posting in different sections) *Choose the right section for your posting. - MCU -